Decoding XML String Values (PHP version)

I have already explained how to encode values in an XML string (using Javascript) here. So, if you have encoded the values in your XML strings using my javascript function then you can use the PHP function(explained below) to decode the values in those XML string on the server side (i.e. backend PHP side.)

function xmldecode($txt)
    $txt = str_replace('&',		'&',	$txt);
    $txt = str_replace('&lt;',		'<',	$txt);
    $txt = str_replace('&gt;',		'>',	$txt);
    $txt = str_replace('&apos;',	"'",	$txt);
    $txt = str_replace('&quot;', 	'"',	$txt);
    return $txt;

Using xmldecode() - A simple example (PHP Code):

So, you can use the function (above) as follows:

$xml  = new SimpleXMLElement($xmlstr);
$name_from_js = xmldecode(trim($xml->name));

Please note that SimpleXMLElement is a PHP function that helps parse XML strings.

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