?? - the null-coalescing operator in Dart

In Dart, the ?? operator is known as the null-coalescing operator. It is used to provide a default value for an expression that may be null.

Here is an example of how the ?? operator can be used in Dart:

int number; // number is null

int result = number ?? 0; // result is 0

In this example, the number variable is initially set to null, and the result variable is set to the value of number if it is not null, or to 0 if it is null. Since number is null, the result variable is set to 0.

The ?? operator is often used as a shorthand way to provide a default value for a variable or expression that may be null. For example:

String name = 'Alice';
String greeting = 'Hello, ' + (name ?? 'there'); // greeting is 'Hello, Alice'

name = null;
greeting = 'Hello, ' + (name ?? 'there'); // greeting is 'Hello, there'

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