Configuring MacOS X to compile and install open source software using XCode Tools

XCode Tools:

If you want to compile and install Open Source Software on your MacOS X machine then you should install MacOS X's Xcode tools. Xcode tools provide the compilers and other software development kits (SDKs) to enable you to compile and install open source software on your computer.

Most Mac OS X distributions discs come with Xcode Tools. For example, I found the Xcode tools on Mac mini's installation disc (Mac OS version 10.4).

Xcode Tools On MacOS X (Mac Mini Install Disc)

Whereas, on Mac OS X Server (Mac OS version 10.4.7) install DVD I found it under the "Other Installs" folder.

Xcode Tools On MacOS X Server Install Disc


Please note that you have to have administrative privileges OR you have to know the username and password of the Administrator in order to install Xcode tools (for the method described in this tutorial). Also, for this tutorial I have used a Mac mini with Mac OS X version 10.4.10.

Now, follow the steps below to install Xcode Tools.

  • Enter into the Xcode Tools folder and double click on XCodeTools.mpkg file.

    Xcode Tools Installation First Step

  • Click Continue on the welcome screen and the popup dialog box before or after (see image below).

    Xcode Tools determines where the software can be installed

  • Select a destination drive for the installation by clicking on it and then click continue.

    Xcode Tools selected destination drive

  • Next, a dialog box will appear asking you to enter Administrator's username and password. Enter username and password of Administrator, click ok, and then click on Install button.

    Xcode Tools Installation - Enter username and password

  • The installation should now begin. When Xcode Tools get installed completely, click on "Close" on the next window to exit out of the installation program.

    Xcode Tools Installation Process Continues

  • Xcode Tools are installed in {Installation Drive} --> Developer --> Applications.

    Xcode Tools Installation Folder

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