How to create a constructor that clones another object in Dart

Here is an example of how you can create a constructor that clones an object in Dart:

class MyClass {
  int _id;
  String _name;

  MyClass(this._id, this._name);

  // Clone constructor
  MyClass.clone(MyClass other) : this._id = other._id, this._name = other._name;

void main() {
  var original = MyClass(1, 'Original');
  var clone = MyClass.clone(original);

In this example, the MyClass class has a private field _id and a private field _name. The main constructor takes two arguments, _id and _name, and initializes the corresponding fields.

The MyClass.clone() constructor is a named constructor that takes another MyClass object as an argument and initializes the new object's fields with the values from the other object. This allows you to create a new object that is a copy of the original object.

To use the clone constructor, you can create an instance of MyClass using the main constructor, and then use the clone constructor to create a new instance of MyClass that is a copy of the original.

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