How to work with Association classes in UML - Part2?

Alright, like i said we will discuss a different scenario in this tutorial to further clarify the concept of association classes so here is the scenario.

A student may engage in multiple campus based activities. The university keeps track of the number of years a given student has participated in a specific activity and, at the end of each academic year, mails an activity report to the student showing his participation in various activities.

Now to draw a class diagram we have to first figure out what classes are involved in the system so we look for the main nouns mentioned in the problem statement, in this case we can take "students" and "activities" as our two main classes. Again, if you think in the right direction you will figure out that the association between our two main classes is not a simple association rather it is an association with attributes and operations so we can use an association class to represent the system you can give any appropriate name to the class I chose ActivityRecords, so this is how our diagram will look like:

UML association classes example 1 - Part2

I hope this tutorial will help you understand the concept of association classes in UML. I encourage you to write comments that would certainly help me write better tutorials.

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