Installing Symfony using PEAR

Symfony is one of the best rapid application development frameworks available for PHP. In this tutorial I am going to discuss the installation steps for Symfony.

From a command line go to PHP’s folder and type the command below.

pear channel-discover

The result should be a success in discovering the channel. Now, run the following command to check the libraries available in this channel.

pear remote-list -c symfony

Now, install the package using the command below.

pear install symfony/symfony

After successfully completing installation, run command below just to make sure if Symfony has been installed properly or not.

symfony -V

You should see Symfony’s version number indicating that Symfony has been successfully installed on the machine.

Please feel free to use the comments form below if you have any questions or need more explanation on anything. I recommend thoroughy testing on a production-like test system first before moving to production. Use the icons below to share this tutorial with your friends.